A historic Hacienda who has been partially built on Inca ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, sumptuous colonial and religious art museums, archeological collection through all the periods of Ecuador, following the footsteps of the explorer and researchers Darwin, Humboldt, La Condamine or Whimper …
If this are your “must- do” on your list on a tour through Ecuador, we would be happy to organize a custom tour for you.


While making you discover the many facets of Ecuador, this exciting 15 days trip will introduce you to its five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cultural and natural, six nature reserves listed in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves as well as one of the three ancestral handicraft product inscribed on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the so-called “Panama hat”. You will fall under the charm of the beauty and the colonial wealth of the cities of Quito and Cuenca. Here you will visit the well displayed archeological and religious museums.
In a short time, you will descend to the Amazon rainforest that will seduce you by the exuberance of its flora and fauna, the magic of its colors and its sounds, before going back to the snow-covered heights and its volcanoes of exceptional beauty. The Sangay National Park and the Sumaco and Macizo de Cajas Biosphere Reserves will amaze you with the diversity of the ecosystems they shelter (glaciers, paramos, cloud forest, rainforest, lowland forest, marshes, mangles etc.). Before following in the footsteps of the Incas to the archaeological complex of Ingapirca, you will take a tour through the small villages near Cuenca where many craftsmen will show you their creativity and their ancestral know-how they have maintained to make a typical craftsmanship of a good quality, as is the case of the famous Panama hat.


This tour will take you first to the Indian market of Otavalo, one of the most famous in Latin America, then along the amazing "avenue of volcanoes", dominated by majestic volcanoes. You will discover the Cotopaxi National Park, the Chimborazo volcano, the Andes train and its spectacular journey that leads to the "Nariz del Diablo", the archaeological site of Ingapirca and the colonial city of Cuenca. Finally, you will descend from the highlands to Guayaquil and the tropical coast that borders the Pacific Ocean. This trip combines accommodation in carefully selected haciendas to discover varied landscapes, visit beautiful colonial cities and colorful markets.
These beautiful Ecuador haciendas mix the cultural treasures and the history they have preserved with modern conveniences for the leisure traveler.
They are an ever-present reminder of Ecuador’s pre-Colonial and Colonial past.


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