Would you like to learn how to cook a traditional Quinoa Soup or the different ways how to use corn? Or to try out the diversity of fruits, vegetables and cereals you often don’t find in other countries? To play soccer with the kids of the village? To learn more about the medicine plants the families still use to cure? To practice your Spanish or to learn some Kichwa words and know more about their cosmovision of the “Pachamama”, the earth mother?

This is the opportunity, if only for a moment, to share life with an indigenous family in Ecuador! To approach their culture, their traditions and their eating habits, to understand and discover the reality of their daily lives .... and just to spend a warm and welcoming moment a little out of our normal life.

For about ten years now, the families have started to open their houses for guests, all over the country, but mostly in the Andes. It is a moment of sharing in an interactive way, with humility and respect on both sides. By choosing to receive you, this family gets the opportunity to have economic income for their home, thus avoiding to leave their community and to work in the city ...

The houses are a little rustic but fulfill all the necessities. Generally located in the countryside, they allow you to enjoy the beautiful Andean landscapes.


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